Atuthor: Md. Mahbub-ul-Alam, Working as an Assistant Professor of Economics.

Title of Ariticle: Analysis of The Public Examinations’ Results A Comparative Study between Single Sex and Co-education Systems of Bangladesh

Name of Journal: International Journal of Business Volume-01, Issue-01, January-June 2013

Abstract: The dominance of coeducation and single sex educational institutes on the variations of the results of Bangladeshi learners is the prime discussant of this research. Secondary and Higher Secondary results provided by the Boards of both the educational institutes are considered. Percentage of results, passing rate, grade point average (GPA) 5 obtainer of total students, number of students and average GPA of the institute- these five criteria are evaluated to select the best institutes. In recent years, variations on the results of both educational institutes are found with the information and analysis of the top position institutes.

In Bangladesh single sex schools and colleges are doing better results than co-educational institutions. 80% of good results are obtained by students of single sex Secondary and Higher Secondary schools. But a great number of institutes are coeducational of the whole educational institutes. In 2012, separated institutes for boys and girls obtain good results. There are only 39 coeducational schools among 200 schools in the whole country.

The remaining 161 schools may have separated boys and girls’ schools or shift schools. Some reasons are found for the bad results in the coeducational institutes in their results. Girls are seen to be boys’ friends or tortured by teachers or attracted one to another and waste time, thought and money also and result in destructive activities. On the other hand, the learners of single sex institutes are more attentive to their study than the learners of coeducational institutes. So, single sex institutes are clearly in better position than the coeducational institutes.