Read the passage and then write the antonym or synonym of the words as directed below.


Money is the means of leading worldly life. (a)Shortage of money makes our life deplorable. We cannot lead our life (b) properly in want of money. But there are (c) difficulties in eaing money. Our (d) peace and (e) prosperity are (f) dependent on proper (g) utilization of money. (h) Spending money in a proper way (i) lead us (j) rightly.

Antonym/ Synonym

(a) Shortage (Antonym)

(b) properly (Antonym)

(c) Difficulty (Synonym)

(d) Peace (Antonym)

(e) Prosperity (Antonym)

(f) Dependent (Antonym)

(g) Utilize (Synonym)

(h) Spend (Antonym)

(i) Lead (Synonym)

(j) Rightly (Synonym)


(a) Shortage (Antonym)-abundance, excess, surplus

(b) properly (Antonym) -wrongly, incorrectly, improperly

(c) Difficulty (Synonym) -hardship, problem, trouble

(d) Peace (Antonym) -Hostility, war, warfare

(e) Prosperity (Antonym) -poverty, want, failure

(f) Dependent (Antonym) -self-reliant, independent, capable

(g) Utilize (Synonym) -use, employ, deploy

(h) Spend (Antonym) -store, keep, save

(i) Lead (Synonym) -guide, conduct, escort

(j) Rightly (Synonym) -properly, correctly, appropriately


(a) Honesty is the antonymous use of dishonesty. An honest man is never (b) harmful to anybody. He never does (c) injustice to other. When he does any thing (d) immoral, he feels (e) uncomfortable. He never tells a lie. He is always (f) responsible to his duty. We should not (g) perform any job with (h) insincerity and its (i) better to leave the path of dishonesty and (j)falsehood.

Antonym/ Synonym

(a) Honesty (Synonym)

(b) Harmful (Antonym)

(c) Injustice (Antonym)

(d) Immoral (Synonym)

(e) Uncomfortable (Antonym)

(f) Responsible (Synonym)

(g) Perform (Synonym)

(h) Insincerity (Antonym)

(i) Better (Synonym)

(j)Falsehood (Synonym)


(a) Honesty (Synonym) -integrity, faithfulness

(b)Harmful (Antonym) -beneficial, harmless, useful

(c) Injustice (Antonym) -equity, right, justice

(d) Immoral (Synonym) -wicked, corrupt, vicious

(e) Uncomfortable (Antonym) -relaxed, comfortable, easy

(f) Responsible (Synonym) -accountable, liable, amenable

(g) Perform (Synonym) -carry out, achieve, complete

(h) Insincerity (Antonym) -honesty, sincerity, faithfulness

(i) Better (Synonym) -worse

(j)Falsehood (Synonym) -deception, dishonesty, unprofitable


All species are (a) important for maintaining ecological balance. If one is lost, the whole natural envioment gets changed. We should save our wildlife to protect the envioment for being (b) spoiled. Many countries are now taking action to protect their (c) endangered wildlife. Mankind must develop a (d) conce for wild creatures and must (e) ensure that they will not be (f) perished. Destroying wild creature means (g) destroying ourselves. It is high time we (h) protected them. We should (i) remember that love for animals means (j) love mankind.
Antonym/ Synonym

(a) Important (Antonym)

(b) Spoiled (Antonym)

(c) Endangered (Antonym)

(d) Conce (Synonym)

(e) Ensure (Synonym)

(f) Perished (Synonym)

(g) Destroying (Synonym)

(h) Protect (Antonym)

(i) Remember (Antonym)

(j) Love (Synonym)


(a) Important (Antonym) - trivial, unimportant, insignificant

(b) Spoiled (Antonym) - preserve, save, improve

(c) Endangered (Antonym) - protect, save, guard

(d) Conce (Synonym) - regard, matter, affair

(e) Ensure (Synonym) - confirm, secure

(f) Perish (Synonym) - decline, disappear, vanish

(g) Destroy (Synonym) - ruin, smash, devastate

(h) Protect (Antonym) - threaten, attack, endanger

(i) Remember (Antonym) ignore, forget, overlook

(j) Love (Synonym) - adore, like worship