Zulfiqar Hasan, Associate Professor

Stock valuation is an important topic for BBA and MBA program. Contents of the topic are: What is Stocks? Classification of Stocks; Rights and privileges of Common Stock holder and Preferred stock holder, Stock valuation models, valuations of stocks, Zero growth, Constant and Non-Constant Growth Models. Finding the price of the stock, calculating he growth rate, calculating the dividend yield, capital gains yield, Required return etc.

The Stock Markets terms and issue; Stock Exchanges, SEC of Bangladesh and OTC market, The Primary markets: New issues, IPO, Investment banker, Underwriting, Syndicate, Private placement, Secondary market, Listing, and Efficient market Hypothesis

A Stock is an instrument that signifies an ownership position (called equity) in a corporation, and represents a claim on its proportional share in the corporation's assets and profits.  Stock also known as share.

Ownership in the company is determined by the number of shares a person owns divided by the total number of shares outstanding.

For example, if a company has 1000 shares of stock outstanding and a person owns 50 of them, then he/she owns 5% of the company.

Contributor Zulfiqar Hasan is a Bangladeshi University Teacher working as an Associate Professor (Finance). He has completed his MBA (Finance) from UK. 

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