Dr. Md. Mazharul Islam

Research process consists of series of actions or steps necessary to effectively carry out research and the desired sequencing of these steps.

Necessity of Defining a Research Problem: The adage “a problem well-defined is problem half-solved” is worth remembering. This adage emphasizes that a well-defined statement of the problem will lead the researcher

  1. To state of research objectives,
  2. To understand the background of the problem,
  3. To isolate a research problem form non-research problem,
  4. To state the research question and hypothesis,
  5. To construct a conceptual framework of analysis,
  6. And to select a proper research methodology.

This topic will enable BBA and MBA or other university students to structure their research. 

Contributor Dr. Md. Mazharul Islam is a university teacher working as an Assistant Professor of Statistics and Research Design.