Zulfiqar Hasan

Internship is the chance for the students to get practical knowledge. Usually BBA.

MBA and other students of Busniess and Science desciplines are required to engage in iternship program.

Some common questions are frequently asked in the viva board of internship program.

Usually the board consists of 4/5 members of senior teachers headed by a committee chairman.

Common Questions are:

  1. Introduce Yourself
  2. What is the title of your Internship report?
  3. Why did you choose this topic?
  4. What are the objectives of your study?
  5. Can you tell us the methodology you have applied to prepare this report?
  6. Tell us something about your supervisor.
  7. What are your findings of the study?
  8. What are the problems of your organization you have observed?
  9. Do you have any recommendation? Tell us ..
  10. What is your achievement from 3 months internship?

Well dressup, smart entrance, polite seating, salutation and smart powerpoint presentation will add value in viva.