There are several tools and techniques to build information systems, to choose the appropriate one to build your system, you must study them first and knows their uses.

Methodology is an approach, a method or a technique for developing information systems. The methodology defines a method and a way of developing an information system, guiding planners in the desired working method.

Systems analysts must know how to use a variety of techniques such as modeling, prototyping, and computer-aided systems engineering tools to plan, design, and implement information systems.

Systems analysts work with these tools in a team environment, where input from users, managers, and IT staff contributes to the system design.


Modeling produces a graphical representation of a concept or process that system developers can analyze, test, and modify. Modeling Used to describe and simplify an information system:
Business model or Requirements model:Describes the information that a system must provide.

  1. Data model:Describes the data structure and design.
  2. Object model:Describes objects, which combine data and processes.
  3. Network model:Describes the design and protocols of telecommunication links
  4. Process model:Describes the logic that programmers use to write code modules

Modeling techniques, including data flow diagrams and entity relationship diagrams, and unified modeling language diagrams.

Prototyping tests system concepts and provide an opportunity to examine input, output, and user interface before final decisions are made.