There are some specified distinction between court and Tribunal. Those are following types:

Court: A court is that adjudicating institution which settles disputes of conventional nature under ordinary law between contesting party.

Examples of Conventional Disputes: Theft, Robbery, kidnapping, land dispute regarding ownership etc.

Examples of Ordinary Law: Code of Civil Procedure, Code of Criminal Procedure, Penal code, Sat Act, Nat Act.

Tribunal: Tribunal is that adjudicating institution which settles dispute of special nature under special law between contesting party.

Example of special Dispute: Dispute regarding VAT, Income tax, Cybercrime, industrial dispute etc.

Example of special Law: Bangladesh Labour Act 2006, Special power Act 1974, Nari o Sishu Nirjatan Daman Ain 2000.

As to Law, Court deals with the ordinary Law, on the other hand Tribunal deal with the special law.

As to settles dispute, Court settles the dispute of conventional nature on the other hand tribunal settles the dispute of special nature.