Zulfiqar Hasan

Online banking, also known as internet banking, it is an electronic payment system that enables customers of a bank or other financial institution to conduct a range of financial transactions through the financial institution's website.

If you have online banking facilities, to secure your account and transactions, you can follow these:

Safety Tips for Login

1. Do not access the login page via web site links provided in emails.

2. Open a new web browser & enter the URL address of the bank's portal ( https://ibblportal.islamibankbd.com) directly into your web browser.

3. Do not disclose your User ID or Password to anyone.


1. Make them complex,change them frequently.

2. You should memorize this password & never write it down anywhere or reveal it to anyone.

3. Disable Auto-complete/Password storage in-browser.

Create a Strong Password (and Remember It)

a. Has 12 Characters, Minimum: You need to choose a password that’s long enough.

b. There’s no minimum password length everyone agrees on, but you should generally go for passwords that are a minimum of 12 to 14 characters in length. A longer password would be even better.

c.  Includes Numbers, Symbols, Capital Letters, and Lower-Case Letters: Use a mix of different types of characters to make the password harder to crack.

d. Isn’t a Dictionary Word or Combination of Dictionary Words: Stay away from obvious dictionary words and combinations of dictionary words. Any word on its own is bad. Any combination of a few words, especially if they’re obvious, is also bad.

e. Don’t Rely on Obvious Substitutions: Don’t use common substitutions, either — for example, “H0use” isn’t strong just because you’ve replaced an o with a 0. That’s just obvious.

Sign in/Sign Off

a. Remember to sign off. You may not always be at your own computer when you bank online.

b.  it's important to sign off when you're finished banking.