Zulfiqar Hasan

Market price of a share is influenced by both financial and non-financial factors. Some of these are:

1. Dividends

2. Disclosure of Financial information

a) Periodic Report

b) Earnings Per Share (EPS)

c) Net Assets Value  (NAV)

d) Net Operating Cash Flows (NOCFs)

e) Price Earnings Ratios (P/E)

f) Spliting the Face Value

3.Disclosure of Organizational Plan

a.New Product, Production Plan and Plant

b.Merging or Take over of other company

4. Financial Plan

a) Right Issue

b)Preferred Stock Issue

c) Bond Issue

d) Other Debt financing

5. Political Situation

6. Rumor

7. Lack of confidence

8. Category Change

9.Trading market Change

10.Trade Suspension

11.Sue or cases

12.Government Regulators’ Attitude towards a company