An online discussion on Education in Pandemic was arranged by the Operations Research Society of Bangladesh (ORSOB) on August 01, 2021, through Zoom platform. Experts from 19 countries were present in the discussion and expressed their views on the topic.

IT Expert Mr. Anisur Rahman from Australia mentioned in his speech that in primary education, there does not have pressure on children. Institutions were opened until delta variate covid patient found in Australia. After that education system gone to online system. Evaluation made based on assignment. According to him it can be temporary measure and effective for pandemic but will not work for all the time. Professor Masume-E-Rabbani Khan of Bangladesh informed that the teachers students ratio in online class is not desirable at all. There is a lack of logistic support such as device, internet etc. Evaluation is made based on assignments. Institutions have lack of decision making process. Government should analysis the damage that happened during the pandemic situation.

Md. Samiul Islam from University of Alberta, Canada reported the education system of Canada is same as Bangladesh’s education system. From the beginning education system gone to online in pandemic. Children face the difficulties. The government willing to allow in person delivery system for school from September 2021. Regarding this purpose billion dollars are investing by Canadian Government. He believes that online class is difficult for the learners and evaluation system is also challenging in online education system.

Ms. Shirin Akter from China remaked that China has gone for online class through Wechat as China is high-tech country. They have playback system and evaluation is made in three parts (writing, assignment and attendance). Students and teachers are well communicated through different devices.

Mr. Hao Wu from Finland informed that he himself has practical experience in online class and remarked that students require more concentration in online class. According to him efficiency in offline is more than the online class. Miss Yam Saroh, Indonesia said in online class teachers do not have good control over the students. Parents are complaining on online education. Md. Obeydul Kalam Azad, Korea expressed his ideas on online education system in pandemic. He has some experience in online education system. Evaluation is made based on assignment. Special software has been prepared by the school authority to teach children.

Ms. Maryline Fee Min Lan Chun Wah of Mauritius mentioned some cases automatic promotions are made. Shifted to e-learning, e-schooling and e-education system etc. the main Problem is, teachers are not getting sufficient facilities. She hoped that LMS system will introduce soon. Ms. Afsana Huma from Pakistan reported that the institution has lack of facilities of online class but have television but it’s not a good system. She observed that approximately 30%-35% students are failed to login the online platform. Drop out number might be huge after pandemic.

Mr. Hossin Alam from Poland informed that Poland has gone online education system from the beginning. Technical institutions are covering 50% offline and 50% online education system. All the school are open. From October education system will be returned 100% on offline education system.

Professor A Krishnamoorthy from India expressed his view that online cannot be the alternative to offline education system but during this pandemic. Connectivity is a huge problem. Online is not effective specially in Mathematics education. Mr. A. K. Rakib from Portugal mentioned that digital education system is quickly mobilized in Portogal. And education is in online based.

The master of ceremonies of the web discussion program was by Mr. Mofizur Rahman of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China.

The vote of thanks of the program was delivered by Professor Dr. Mohammad Ekramol Islam, Treasurer, Northern University Bangladesh. In his Speech, Professor Islam summed up the zest of the participants such as all most all countries are now operating their education system is online based even though efficiency level may have varied. Assignment based evaluation is taking place. In general efficiency of Online education is less than the offline education system. Governments are trying to returned back to on campus education system.

Prof. Islam also introduced Operations Research Society of Bangladesh and its objective to the participants. The main purpose of society is to popularize research among young people in the country as well as to tackle some realistic problems for getting optimal solutions. Since Operations Research is some interdisciplinary subject scientists from different fields can make contributions for the society. He expressed his gratefulness to all participants from the home and abroad including the fellows of ORSOB who made the program successful specially Mr. Zia Arefin Azad, Ar. Mohammad Tazib Uddin, Mr. Zillur Rahman and Dr. Md. Ataullah. Press Release